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electronic BEATS

This project focused on the mix between Beats, Noise and Ambient music.

The live music is composed of improvisations of synthesized sound played on a computer through midi controllers. The studio albums are a composition based on various sound elements such as random digital systems, synthesizers, field recordings and live recorded sessions in the studio.  

The project participated in performances in Israel and around Europe.

Out of this project came four albums.



Released in 19.11.2021  5 Tracks

TCA 52

Released in 25.9.2021  2 Tracks

Half Mind

Released in 22.6.2021  4  Tracks

Pase In Space

Released in 5.6.2020  7  Tracks

Video clips

Video made by Rachel Gutgarts

Video made by Aviv Stern

Teaser made by Dana Decktor

Live Shows 

Show in Berlin 2018
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